Company info

Freedom Racers is seeking partnerships with companies who not only believe in our mission to end modern day slavery, but also align their company values with this belief.  We would like to partner with ethical and fair companies.  What's in it for your company?  We have a strong reach on social media, and our followers are passionate for justice and eager to promote ethical brands that provide great products and service.

Why we need sponsors


Even though our costs are low at this point in time, we have dreams to grow.  Like having our own race, a professional athlete sporting our brand and reaching every province in Canada.  We'd like to journey with corporate sponsors to help us get there.

performance and knowledge sharing

Freedom Racers wants to tell people about ethical products that will help others in their races.  It's hard to find brands that cover all your bases, and we want to become a source for this information and generate publicity for great brands.

common goals

We not only want individuals to get excited about our desires to end slavery, but we want companies to jump on board with us.  Engaging with your clients, customers and staff members will further put slavery in Canada in the spotlight.