All photography provided by Sarah Cheshire Photography

What we're all about: 

Freedom racers has two main objectives to fight sexual exploitation in Canada.

1) To engage with men on how we cause exploitation in Canada.  Our stance is not condemnation however we cannot be tolerant of what goes on around us.  We have all been in the locker rooms, and heard how men talk about women.  It's the hearts of men that need to change if the rights of women are to be respected.  

2) Raise funds for Defend Dignity.  We believe that Defend Dignity is investing time and resources into the source of exploitation in Canada. Educating people on how to protect our children from Pornography, the devastating affects of pornography both for consumer and people directly involved.  Providing survivors of trafficking and prostitution aid and support.  This is only a small part of what they do and encourage you to head to for more information.  Freedom Racers are proud to support Defend Dignity in the Upstream and Downstream approach to the grotesque violation of human rights that so many people are experiencing daily in Canada.   


Our Mission

Get people in the know and in the fight to end modern day slavery.  We are a fund-raising platform for Defend Dignity and we believe that all people should be free.  Free from abuse, rape and exploitation.  We are here to engage with the source of the problem: the demand for sexually exploited women.  


OUR Beliefs

The fuel for human sex trafficking is rooted in a belief that a man can have sex whenever he wants, particularly if he's paying for it.  The vast majority of human sex trafficking is the result of men demanding it.  Demanding it in the form of strip clubs, massage parlors, pornography and prostitution.  All of which are alleyways for human trafficking, and all of which are in every Canadian city, and in our homes.  We also love running, cycling, swimming, obstacle course races and want to add purpose to our training and racing.  


The vast majority of strip clubs, massage parlors, pornography and prostitution do not conform to basic human rights, and exploit the vulnerable, this is not simply our belief or stance...  this is fact and must stop.    

Our dreams

  •  First and foremost: See people transformed, recognize the problem in the demand and seek justice
  • Grow our supporters and racers to include people in every province across Canada
  • Have a race of our own one day
  • Start training clubs in your local areas, that meet and engage with people